Best DonJoy Knee Brace Reviews – Find out Top 3 DonJoy Braces

DonJoy knee braces

Knee supports have been an important part of healing and protecting knee problems for decades. DonJoy brand has designed DonJoy knee braces for all kinds of sports injuries and encounters, including tendonitis, patella dislocation, tearing the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), and meniscus injuries. DonJoy company has also created DonJoy knee sleeves for individuals struggling with arthritis to relieve discomfort in routine encounters.

A few supports have rigid hinges; some have soft hinges. However, which one to select? Sports trainers, physical therapist, general physicians or orthopedist can suggest the appropriate knee brace DonJoy to be used based on the intensity of the weakness and the injury of the area to be safeguarded.

DonJoy knee braces are well-known in the professional sports field. It is not surprising to see expert players with a DonJoy brace worn on their knees at competitive sporting encounters. Many people of the Olympic athletes and NFL depend on these DonJoy knee brace instructions to help them on the play.

Not just do DonJoy braces aid these professional athletes to reduce pain while practicing. However, also reduce the possibilities of the players experiencing unknown knee pain. Always wear the DonJoy ACL brace for ACL knee problem.

Best 3 DonJoy Knee Braces Available on The Market

The different types of DonJoy brace types consist of DonJoy Reaction knee brace, DonJoy ACL knee brace, DonJoy Hinge knee brace, and so on. In this DonJoy knee brace review section, we will review the top three Donjoy braces available on the marketplace.

DonJoy Reaction Web Knee Brace

  • Innovative web style disperses energy, absorbs shocks and shifts stress away from people knee
  • Open webbing body coupled along with the innovative mesh backing forms a breathable and comfortable fit solution
  • Webbing behaves to dynamically balance the kneecaps (patella) on all corners, bringing the knee cap into correction tracking angle to minimize pain

DonJoy Deluxe Hinged Knee Brace

  • Made for moderate support and stability for knee-related ligament meniscus sprains, injuries, as well as osteoarthritis
  • The bilateral hinges designed to help offer extra knee stability
  • Drytex fabric offers support and compression, yet enables for breathability along with enhanced airflow

DonJoy Legend SE-4 Knee Brace

  • Made for severe to moderate ACL, or Combined Instability (CI), MCL, PCL, LCL knee instabilities
  • Comes with a low-profile as well as is suggested for use in every contact activities and sports
  • Constructed from aircraft-grade, strong aluminum and also coated with special Kraton, a substance which does not rust, chip, or perhaps corrode

Unique Features of DonJoy Knee Braces

4 points of leverage

Four-Points-of-Leverage Technology Explained

DonJoy company has proven itself being an innovator in the knee support industry by leading innovation production with technology which is made to assist heal and protect knee problems. They offer a couple of unique item functions that offer patients way more defense against accidents: FourPoint and the Four-Points-of-Leverage.

The Four-Points-of-Leverage technology is one of DonJoy’s most well-known product advancements. The Four-Points-of-Leverage was developed and patented by DonJoy and makes DonJoy braces the best knee brace on the marketplace because its been proven to help prevent ACL injuries.

Knee braces equipped with Four-Points-of-Leverage include special hinges and straps which protect the knee by placing all pressure and impact around the actual knee, in areas such as the front thigh above the knee, the back of your thigh, the shin bone and the calf.

full force function

FourPoint Technology Explained

During flexion, the Four-Points-of-Leverage brace hinge will direct the pressure to the shin bone, and supported by the other muscles as previously indicated; the pressure becomes located around the knee so that the knee joint ligaments, especially the ACL, are protected from the strain. Four-Points-of-Leverage braces should be used to protect a weak knee or a sprained ligament from further damage, pre-surgery and to help heal the soft tissues post-surgery.

Another special offering delivered by DonJoy supports is the well-known Force-Point hinge; that is a system which increases the depth of safety for the knee ACL. This type of hinge is the mere hinge style which is medically verified to safeguard the ACL area from harm.

Check out How To Fit in Donjoy Braces

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The unique hinge operates using a leaf spring system. How this system operates is it gives resistance (2, 1, 6, 4 lbs). Slowly when your knee is on the final 25-degree extension, therefore, minimizing the contact with damage in the on danger angle of 60-degrees flexion.

Final Word of Advice

Always consider the investment of DonJoy knee braces or any other type of sports related items with your medical professional or physician. Your medical expert can recommend the best support or brace for you, based on your condition.